Bex Schwartz

Bex is an award-winning writer/director and social media maven. She started her television career at VH1 and quickly worked up to becoming the director of the on-air promos department. In 2005, she was part of the team hand-picked to launch Logo TV. Bex also served as the in-house creative for MTV Games’ on air work, directing and creating all of the cross-Viacom content for multiple Rock Band campaigns. Before jumping to the vendor side, she was a creative director at Nickelodeon.

Bex writes and directs and does multi-platform strategy and execution for a variety of clients across the media landscape (linear, digital, OTT, you name it). She used to be on tv a lot as a “pop culture expert” talking head. Bex comes from the theatre/comedy world and loves working with talent (especially celebrities) to craft the perfect performance.

@starbex on the twitter and the insta.

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